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For most women, handbags are their first fashion favorite. Before diving into the fashion world, many of them had handbags as their first fashion possession. For some, it was an obsession. They need to have all the styles that were in trend. They needed to have different handbags that will suit the different occasions they were going, be it a birthday, wedding, or even their graduation.

Most women go through a lot each day before going out. They must have the appropriate outfit, the proper makeup, shoes, and bag to match. It may sound a lot of work, but it is part of a woman’s nature and for them, this is actually fun.

However, what can be quite stressful is choosing the right handbag. Yes, there are a lot of styles out there. But, you need to choose the one that’s worth your money and time. You don’t want to purchase a bag only to find out the next day that it’s not durable enough or it doesn’t meet the purpose you were aiming it for. This post is going to share with you what to look for in a handbag that is both stylish and functional.

Aim for the Comfort

The first factor you need to consider is comfort. Just like the clothes you wear, your handbag should be comfortable to carry around. Before purchasing, try carrying the handbag on your shoulder. Does it awkwardly side? Does it require you to keep holding it to keep it from falling? You must remember that although handbags may be attractive, it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily comfortable to carry around.

Consider the Weight

Another factor you must consider is the weight. Some handbags are quite heavy, which can cause strain to the shoulders if you have to carry it for a longer time. Also, heavy handbags limits the things you can put inside to prevent it from getting heavier. Some durable bags are heavier than the usual, so you must weigh down the features and disadvantages. You can go for a sturdy handbag, but you have to remember that they can cause pressure to your shoulders and arms. As much as possible, use the heavy ones on occasions that you don’t need to carry them most of the time.

Zippers Are Important

Zippers are significant to bags. This is because they will close the bag fully. They will keep all the valuables inside intact and safe. Also, in times when the bag falls over, the things inside won’t fall out. Zippers are especially important when you use the handbag for work and when you commute. You can be assured that nothing falls out. Also, it will be quite difficult for a thief to get anything inside the bag.

Check the Pockets

It depends on you how many pockets you prefer on your bag. Some don’t like to have a center divider, while others do. Some like it when there are pockets for their smartphones and some small ones for their pens and other small stuff like coins and keys.

Versatility Is a Must

Handbags come in different styles to match the occasion you are attending. Many handbags can be used for different events. For instance, handbags with simple designs can be used for going to work, shop, or to simply meet someone over lunch. Some handbags are so stylish that you can use them on parties, company events, and for graduation ceremonies.
It’s imperative that you choose a handbag that you can use in many occasions. This will prevent you from hoarding too many handbags and so you can use each of them many times. This approach is economical, which will save you both money and space at your home.

Beauty Is Essential

An ideal handbag is functional, versatile, and comfortable. But, the design and style should not compromise its beauty. A handbag is a way for a woman to express a fashion statement. To do this, the handbag must be aesthetically pleasing. Playing with different colors is one way. But, plain colors can also be stylish. A black handbag can match different outfits and occasions. However, to make it interesting, it must have some design or details.

Important Tips to Remember:

Know the Difference Between Fakes and Lookalikes

When we say fake designer bags, they are total knockoffs and you should stay away from them. They may look like the real ones and may cost a lot cheaper, but the quality is mostly low. They tend to get damaged easily. Plus, they are illegally sold. This kind of activities should be discouraged and stopped. However, lookalikes are inspired by various brands of handbags. They are not fake and if you want to buy one, please do so. However, you need to check the quality first and if they are comfortable as well. Lookalikes don’t directly mean that they are as functional and convenient like the original ones.

Check Discounts From Designer Bags

Every woman dreams of having an expensive bag that they can flaunt. If budget is an issue, there’s no need to force yourself to purchase a designer bag. There are lookalikes that serve the same purpose. But, if you really want to have one, you can check out the websites of designer bags regularly and see if they offer discounts. They do most of the time. So, if it fits your budget without sacrificing the funds for your essentials, then reward yourself with a designer bag!


When purchasing your bag, you must think about where you’re going to use it. If you’re looking for a bag that you can use every day, you should get one that has a lot of space and is durable enough to last long. If you’re looking for something you can use at parties, consider getting those that are handy and stylish. You don’t want to bring a heavy bag on events because it will cost you extra effort, plus it consumes so much space that you can’t simply put it on the top of the table. Moreover, if you’re looking for a bag that you can bring conveniently when you’re commuting, like riding the bus or even your bike, a cross body bag is ideal. Good luck on your shopping journey!

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