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For most women, handbags are their first fashion favorite. Before diving into the fashion world, many of them had handbags as their first fashion possession. For some, it was an obsession. They need to have all the styles that were in trend. They needed to have different handbags that will suit the different occasions they were going, be it a birthday, wedding, or even their graduation.

Most women go through a lot each day before going out. They must have the appropriate outfit, the proper makeup, shoes, and bag to match. It may sound a lot of work, but it is part of a woman’s nature and for them, this is actually fun.

However, what can be quite stressful is choosing the right handbag. Yes, there are a lot of styles out there. But, you need to choose the one that’s worth your money and time. You don’t want to purchase a bag only to find out the next day that it’s not durable enough or it doesn’t meet the purpose you were aiming it for. This post is going to share with you what to look for in a handbag that is both stylish and functional.

Aim for the Comfort

The first factor you need to consider is comfort. Just like the clothes you wear, your handbag should be comfortable to carry around. Before purchasing, try carrying the handbag on your shoulder. Does it awkwardly side? Does it require you to keep holding it to keep it from falling? You must remember that although handbags may be attractive, it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily comfortable to carry around.

Consider the Weight

Another factor you must consider is the weight. Some handbags are quite heavy, which can cause strain to the shoulders if you have to carry it for a longer time. Also, heavy handbags limits the things you can put inside to prevent it from getting heavier. Some durable bags are heavier than the usual, so you must weigh down the features and disadvantages. You can go for a sturdy handbag, but you have to remember that they can cause pressure to your shoulders and arms. As much as possible, use the heavy ones on occasions that you don’t need to carry them most of the time.

Zippers Are Important

Zippers are significant to bags. This is because they will close the bag fully. They will keep all the valuables inside intact and safe. Also, in times when the bag falls over, the things inside won’t fall out. Zippers are especially important when you use the handbag for work and when you commute. You can be assured that nothing falls out. Also, it will be quite difficult for a thief to get anything inside the bag.

Check the Pockets

It depends on you how many pockets you prefer on your bag. Some don’t like to have a center divider, while others do. Some like it when there are pockets for their smartphones and some small ones for their pens and other small stuff like coins and keys.

Versatility Is a Must

Handbags come in different styles to match the occasion you are attending. Many handbags can be used for different events. For instance, handbags with simple designs can be used for going to work, shop, or to simply meet someone over lunch. Some handbags are so stylish that you can use them on parties, company events, and for graduation ceremonies.
It’s imperative that you choose a handbag that you can use in many occasions. This will prevent you from hoarding too many handbags and so you can use each of them many times. This approach is economical, which will save you both money and space at your home.

Beauty Is Essential

An ideal handbag is functional, versatile, and comfortable. But, the design and style should not compromise its beauty. A handbag is a way for a woman to express a fashion statement. To do this, the handbag must be aesthetically pleasing. Playing with different colors is one way. But, plain colors can also be stylish. A black handbag can match different outfits and occasions. However, to make it interesting, it must have some design or details.

Important Tips to Remember:

Know the Difference Between Fakes and Lookalikes

When we say fake designer bags, they are total knockoffs and you should stay away from them. They may look like the real ones and may cost a lot cheaper, but the quality is mostly low. They tend to get damaged easily. Plus, they are illegally sold. This kind of activities should be discouraged and stopped. However, lookalikes are inspired by various brands of handbags. They are not fake and if you want to buy one, please do so. However, you need to check the quality first and if they are comfortable as well. Lookalikes don’t directly mean that they are as functional and convenient like the original ones.

Check Discounts From Designer Bags

Every woman dreams of having an expensive bag that they can flaunt. If budget is an issue, there’s no need to force yourself to purchase a designer bag. There are lookalikes that serve the same purpose. But, if you really want to have one, you can check out the websites of designer bags regularly and see if they offer discounts. They do most of the time. So, if it fits your budget without sacrificing the funds for your essentials, then reward yourself with a designer bag!


When purchasing your bag, you must think about where you’re going to use it. If you’re looking for a bag that you can use every day, you should get one that has a lot of space and is durable enough to last long. If you’re looking for something you can use at parties, consider getting those that are handy and stylish. You don’t want to bring a heavy bag on events because it will cost you extra effort, plus it consumes so much space that you can’t simply put it on the top of the table. Moreover, if you’re looking for a bag that you can bring conveniently when you’re commuting, like riding the bus or even your bike, a cross body bag is ideal. Good luck on your shopping journey!

Choosing the right backpack for your trip is important for a variety of reasons. First, carrying a backpack requires effort so you need to have something that’s comfortable. Second, you’re going to be traveling a lot, so you need something that’s durable and can withstand rough trips. Third, since you’re going to be on the road for a long time, you need something that keeps all your things organized and safe.

With so many backpacks available on the market, it can be confusing and overwhelming to choose the right one. So, how do you choose? This guide will help you in purchasing a backpack that won’t hurt your budget, lasts long, comfortable, and will surely keep your things organized.

The Factors That Make an Excellent Travel Backpack

The ideal backpack is the one that has a long life expectancy and can endure harsh trips and weather. No matter how good you take care of it, a backpack will eventually degrade, especially when you spend most of your time traveling. Your goal is to find the one that will last really long and you can depend on during a not-so-good weather, like a rain or even a storm.

Lockable Zippers

Each compartment of your backpack must have at least two zippers so you can secure them together. Even though you think no one’s going to be interested in your belongings, it’s still recommended that you keep all of them locked in.

Water-resistant Materials

Backpackers travel a lot regardless of what the weather is. To keep your things intact and safe, the material of your backpack must be at least semi-waterproof. The material should be thick, but still light to carry. You don’t want a backpack that weighs more than usual because it will strain you sooner when traveling.

Internal Frame

Internal frame-backpacks mean that the frame and supporting rods are built in the backpack and hidden in plain sight. These will keep the rods are from sticking out and get caught into something. Internal-frame backpacks also appear better and slimmer, allowing you to move around freely.

Multiple Compartments

An ideal travel bag must have various compartments. This will allow you to bring all sorts of things, but still organized. This way, you can easily find and access anything inside your bag.

Padded Shoulder Straps

The padded shoulder straps will help ease the pressure on your shoulders when carrying your backpack. It’s also comfortable and will take less of the pressure on your back. This will make it easier for you to travel on foot while carrying your bag.

Padded Hip Belt

Majority of the weight you’re going to carry will be pushed down on your hips, so a padded hip belt will help in distributing some of the weight, and will make it more comfortable when carrying the bag at your back. This is essential when you need to travel for a long time and need to carry your bag with you.

Padded Back

A lumbar-shaped backpack is easier to carry and more comfortable. It also helps distribute the weight, so your back won’t have all the pressure, which might cause you some back problems. The design of the backpack will provide a small space between your back and the bag, which allows air to pass through, preventing you from sweating too much.

Front Loading

A front loading backpack is designed in a way that you can access easily the face from the sides. This will help you reach the things that are placed at the middle and the bottom.

Does Size Matter?

If you’re wondering if there is an ideal size for a backpack, the answer is: No, there isn’t. The ideal size should depend on you and where you’re going to use it for. It must be proportioned to your body and at the same time, be able to hold the various things that you’re going to bring on your trip. Avoid getting those that are too big, as you will be tempted to bring more things that are not really necessary. This might cause too much pressure on your back and may lead to back pains and more serious health issues.

Simultaneously, you also don’t want to get a backpack that is too small. Yes, it might be easier to bring it along with you, but it might be too small for the items that you’re going to bring. You’ll be forced to compress all your stuff, and this is a hassle when you need to get something inside your bag. Also, this might cause damage to your things as they are not arranged properly.

Which Is Better, a Suitcase or a Backpack?

It really depends on where you’re going to use it. They both have their own benefits and drawbacks. While both of them are designed to carry and organize your stuff, they are not ideal for every situation. For instance, if you’re going on a business trip or vacation, and you’ll only be staying in one or two places, a suitcase is ideal.

A suitcase should also be used when the person traveling has back problems or is at an age where it’s no longer ideal to be carrying heavy stuff for a long time.

However, if you’re going to move a lot, like many backpackers do, a backpack is suitable. It’s easier to carry around and is more versatile.

What do vacations, business trips, weekend getaways, and reunions have in common? All of them are connected to traveling. When you need to travel, you need to bring with you storage that will fit all of your traveling essentials. It’s important to note that not every luggage is made equally. It’s imperative that you’re able to choose the right luggage for your travel as this will make the journey smoother with less stress. When you have the wrong luggage, various problems may start to occur making the event less enjoyable for you.

This post will guide you in choosing the right luggage that you can use in almost all of your travels that will surely last long. If you love traveling, then this post is definitely for you!
First of all, let’s determine first why it’s more effective to use luggage when traveling:

Safety: Traveling with a luggage ensures the safety of your valuables as they are really durable on the outside. They cannot be opened easily so you can be assured that all of your things are intact safely.

Convenience: Because luggage comes with wheels, it’s so convenient to bring them. You can maneuver it easily when you’re walking with it. You need to exert too much effort when bringing them, thus promoting a less-hassle journey.

Well-organized packing: Luggage comes with a huge space for you to organize all of your things. Also, you can zip and unzip it easily without deforming your luggage. Since it has a large opening, you will also have a full visual inside your luggage so you can check and find the item you’re looking for.

Safe for your back: Another great thing about luggage is it doesn’t compromise your health, particularly your back. Not everyone is strong enough to carry backpacks, especially those who have back issues and those that have reached an age where it’s no longer ideal to carry heavy things. You can let your luggage roll easily preventing you from getting too tired during the travel and from suffering from backaches.

Promotes professionalism: Carrying a luggage makes you look professional. Most people who use luggage means they are bringing with them a lot of valuables and expensive things.

The Factors You Must Consider When Choosing the Right Luggage

The first thing you should do is to determine the things you plan to bring on your travel. This will help you greatly in choosing which luggage best fits your purpose.
If you’re a backpacker, you’ll want pouches or strong straps for your tents, sleeping bags, hiking poles, and other essentials. If you’re a business traveler, you want your luggage to have storage that’s accessible for your laptop, gadgets, and other electronic accessories. If you’re into fashion, you’d want your luggage to have straps to keep your clothes in place to avoid wrinkling.

Plan ahead if you think you’re going to keep opening your bag, or you’re going to pass through bumpy terrains, or you’re traveling for business exclusively.
If at the end you think it’s ideal to use luggage for your trip, these are the various factors you must look into when selecting a suitcase:


The Size Matters

The size of your luggage will matter as you don’t want to bring something that is too small that you need to cram all of your things, which will be difficult if you need to keep opening your luggage. Also, this will wrinkle your clothes and will even cause damage to some of your belongings. More so, you don’t want luggage that is too big for you that it’s almost physically impossible to carry it.

Guidelines when choosing the size of your luggage:

The overall size of your luggage must be limited to what you can handle physically and nothing more. This is important because you may need to lift your luggage and there might be no one around to help you with it.

The weight of the luggage is also important. The lighter the luggage, the more items you can bring!

Check the other dimensions too, like the height of the handle. See to it that it suits you and you can travel using it with ease.

If you plan to purchase online, you’ll have to shop in advance so that you’ll still have time to return it in case they are defective or have damages.
Also check the fabric and the overall quality of the luggage if it’s sturdy enough.

Choose the Right Features

Wheels: Luggage may come in two or four wheels. You have to weigh in their advantages and disadvantages. Those that come with two wheels are lighter, but they can tip over easily once they’re not balanced. Those that come with four wheels are heavier, but they can stand upright properly.

Color: Choose the color that matches your overall personality. However, you should also choose those that can be spotted easily so you can distinguish your luggage right away. Also, it’s important to note that those that come in white and cream colors can get dirty easily.

Expandability: A luggage that can expand easily is ideal especially when you’re going to a vacation. Vacationers always tend to bring more stuff from the trip, particularly souvenirs.

Handles: The handles should be durable and can be retracted easily. A padded handle is also ideal to promote comfort. Try rolling the suitcase first before purchasing it if you are comfortable with the height and that it doesn’t keep hitting you in the heels, which is quite stressful.

Piggyback Clip: The piggyback clip allows you to attach a smaller bag to your luggage. You really don’t need to worry if your suitcase doesn’t come with this accessory. They can be purchased separately and don’t cost much.

Locks: Locks should always be a priority. You can’t have your eyes fixed on your luggage at all times, so it’s essential that they are locked safely.

Compartments: Compartments help you organize your things better, which makes it easier for you to find them.


Durable suitcases don’t need to be expensive. You only have to be careful by inspecting the materials and analyze if the luggage is built for rough trips. It’s important that you make durability a priority because they’re more economical. If you buy something that is of low-quality, there’s a great chance that you’re going to buy another one again for your next trip. This is stressful and not practical.

Aside from being durable, your luggage must have the proper security measures to keep people with bad intentions from going inside your luggage. One effective way is to have locks. The zippers should be locked securely. You can also add other safety features, such as cable ties and shrink wraps.

The price is not as significant, but still a factor you should consider. Well-known brands are usually expensive because they’re proven to last long and are built for rough travels. If it fits your budget, you should buy from reliable brands. However, there are still that are not as famous, but are also durable that are not too painful on the budget. The key is to do your research and check product reviews online.

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